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For more than a century, people have relied on Speed Queen for reliable washing machines. Established in 1908 under the name Barlow & Seelig Manufacturing, the company quickly became known for its high-quality, long-lasting washing machines. The first washing machine to feature a stainless steel drum was released by Speed Queen in the 1920s, cementing the company’s position as a pioneer in the industry.

Speed Queen has developed and improved its laundry appliances with new features and technologies over time. The brand’s washing machines and dryers are known for their reliability and longevity; they can withstand regular use. Top load and front load washers and dryers are just two examples of the laundry equipment offered by Speed Queen, which also caters to the needs of commercial and industrial settings.

Speed Queen’s dedication to American manufacturing is a key differentiator for the company. All of the washers and dryers from this company are made in Wisconsin, where the company is headquartered. A network of authorized dealers and service providers, all of whom have been trained to provide expert repair and maintenance services, contributes to Speed Queen’s stellar reputation for customer service and support. Homeowners and commercial laundry facilities alike continue to put their trust in Speed Queen because of the company’s long history of innovation, durability, and dependability.

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